Kent Link



Kent Link Support for the Deafened.

It became apparent to the late Richard Quested, who began this group, that after becoming deafened pretty much overnight,  there was insufficient support for those who were afflicted with this condition.

Whilst he was able to benefit from a weeks course with The Link Centre for Deafened People at Eastbourne it was very much a case of finding out for himself, not only where to obtain actual equipment to support his everyday life , but also where to find help to give him the emotional support he needed.

The Link Centre for Deafened People in Eastbourne which ran these courses asked Richard  if he would begin a support group as they fully understood that to many deafened people were being left to their own devices. So Richard started this group and we now meet bi-monthly beginning in February. We have welcomed new members and also those people who only wish to join in our social functions.

Often we find those who become deafened do not have the confidence to get out and about so we try to provide a confidence booster and also a social platform for each group member  to share their own fears and concerns.

Becoming deafened is an enormous life changing shock which many who have good hearing cannot understand. Such things as not being able to use a normal telephone or hear a doorbell ring is an everyday occurrence which we often take for granted. Our group helps those with impaired hearing to develop there other skills with confidence and using alternative equipment available, are able to maintain a normal lifestyle